Learning Programs

Leadership Development 

Our core leadership program is a facilitated team learning experience designed to strengthen leadership competencies and engage participants in a highly interactive and unique process that underscores the importance of strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, and sustaining a performance based culture that encourages employee success.  Participants have opportunities to self-assess, discuss principles of leadership and organizational effectiveness, and action plan to coach and engage employees to higher levels of performance.

We also provide customized leadership learning and facilitated action planning to support the transfer of insights and commitments to the work environment.

Customer Service:  Sustaining Employee Engagement and Performance

Optimizing employee performance requires attention to many moving parts. Managers are responsible for ensuring that daily tasks meet key service indicators and customer requirements while instilling and monitoring employee commitment and the behaviors essential for achievement.

Our customized customer service learning template utilizes principles of exemplary customer service, employee checklists, and scripts to ensure process and customer call consistency, customized scenarios that reinforce desired customer interaction through coaching and feedback, and a lessons learned process that minimizes repetition of customer issues.

To support focused employee engagement, we offer management and staff a structured approach to group problem solving. Participants learn problem solving tools and techniques and develop group dynamic skills to identify and recommend solutions that support continuous improvement. Results include improved customer call metrics, reduced rework and backlog, increased revenue, and cost savings.


Our assessment provides insight into the many moving parts that affect organizational performance. Survey questions are developed to elicit employee responses to identify learning content and consulting services that focus on bridging performance gaps and moving staff confidently and quickly to their optimal levels of achievement.